random choper pictures

Lamborghini chopper

While at Lamborghini Palm Beach during Supercar Weekend 2009 I had a chance to take some photos of Alex Papas’ (owner of South Florida Toys) one of a kind custom built 2008 Lamborghini custom pro street Motorcycle.

The frame was custom built by War Eagle Customs and Alex Papas of South Florida Toys. Custom built design oil tank in the front spoiler, air ducts under the seat and on the swing arms, custom wheels to look like the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, 300 rear tire, S&S Super Sidewinder 113 Inch Engine, RSD 6 speed transmission, exhaust by Paul Yaffe, Brembo/Lamborghini levers & calipers, grips & foot pegs by Eddie Trotta, dual adjustable suspension, all wiring including brake and clutch lining is all hidden inside the handlebar and the frame.

Body work, paint & graphics (Lamborghini Murcielago Pearl Yellow) was done by Bones Designs, the seat by Jeffrey Phipps, custom saddles put together by Chop Shop Customs.

The bike is for sale: $75,000 USD, contact Alex Papas (954-729-8888) if interested!