Edelbrock Nitrous systems for Harley Davidson

Edelbrock is known for innovative products, and their new Nitrous Systems are no exception… All Edelbrock Nitrous Systems are dyno-tested and calibrated to deliver accurate and safe horsepower gains with even distribution to each cylinder. Edelbrock’s nitrous calibrations are determined through dyno-testing, not simple mathematical formulas, which do not take into account real-world variables.

Dyno proven to produce 35+ HP increase at the push of a button, Edelbrock Nitrous Systems and components are the quickest and easiest way to get large horsepower increases with a minimum of engine modifications and expense. Edelbrock Nitrous Systems have proven to be an effective power adder for carbureted Harleys and are NOW AVAILABLE for EFI Applications as well.

Edelbrock have designed an industry firs Radial Discharge plate for EFI applications. This high-tech radial discharge design offers unobstructed airflow within the intake runner minimizing the risk of air/fuel ratio changes by the bikes ecu. Edelbrock Nitrous Systems for carbureted and EFI Harleys offer:

* The Most Complete Bolt-On Nitrous Kits Available
* Designed Specifically for Harley-Davidson
* Engineered and Dyno Tested for a True 35 HP Increase at the Push of a Button
* The Only Plate System Available for Harleys
* Stainless Steel Jets Won’t Erode Like Brass Jets Found in Other Systems
* Order the Plate that Matches Your Carb and Two Bottle Frame Adapters for 12 oz. Kits
* Unique Electronic Module and RPM Sensor Activates Nitrous at 4300 rpm to Reduce Chance of Engine-Damaging Detonation
* Radial discharge allows for N20/Fuel-mixture to spray directly into the intake stream without compromising airflow.

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