Daytona Twin Tec Twin-Tuner2 For Harley Davidson

Harley® owners looking for improved motorcycle performance can easily add horsepower and improve throttle response with a simple and low cost modification. The Daytona Twin Tec Twin-Tuner2 Fuel Injection and Ignition Controller allows you to easily adjust your fuel injection to match the requirements of your performance parts including camshafts, free flowing exhausts, and low restriction air filters. It has all the features of the original Twin Tuner and includes ignition timing control capability. The simple plug-in installation and set up takes only minutes and requires no splicing or bulky interconnections. The unit is completely encapsulated and impervious to moisture. With a low 1/2″ profile, occupying only a fraction of the space required by competitive products, you won’t have a problem finding a place to mount the unit.

The user interface consists of up/down pushbuttons and bright daylight readable LED display to select and change the fuel trim and spark retard in the RPM and throttle position ranges required by most applications. The Twin-Tuner2 also has an advanced mode, where you can use the optional USB Interface and PC Link Tuner software to make precise fuel and spark retard adjustments as well as making independent adjustments to the front and rear cylinders. If you have created Dynojet Power Commander Files for your applications, you can enter the same values into our tables because the PC Link Tuner software uses the same RPM rows and throttle position columns.

The Twin-Tuner2 works in combination with the Twin Scan II+ tuning aid, giving you precise tuning without the need for a dyno. Simply install the Twin Scan II+ and ride the bike. You can then download the air/fuel ratio corrections calculated by the Twin Scan II+ into the PC Link Tuner software.

*The Twin-Tuner2 is not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

The product focus of Daytona Twin Tec LLC is electronic fuel injection and ignition systems for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. For more information on Daytona Twin Tec, call 1-386-304-0700, or visit

Lamborghini chopper

While at Lamborghini Palm Beach during Supercar Weekend 2009 I had a chance to take some photos of Alex Papas’ (owner of South Florida Toys) one of a kind custom built 2008 Lamborghini custom pro street Motorcycle.

The frame was custom built by War Eagle Customs and Alex Papas of South Florida Toys. Custom built design oil tank in the front spoiler, air ducts under the seat and on the swing arms, custom wheels to look like the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, 300 rear tire, S&S Super Sidewinder 113 Inch Engine, RSD 6 speed transmission, exhaust by Paul Yaffe, Brembo/Lamborghini levers & calipers, grips & foot pegs by Eddie Trotta, dual adjustable suspension, all wiring including brake and clutch lining is all hidden inside the handlebar and the frame.

Body work, paint & graphics (Lamborghini Murcielago Pearl Yellow) was done by Bones Designs, the seat by Jeffrey Phipps, custom saddles put together by Chop Shop Customs.

The bike is for sale: $75,000 USD, contact Alex Papas (954-729-8888) if interested!

New Harley-Davidson Iron 883(TM) Model is Dressed for a Dark Ride

With a defiant attitude embracing the pure essence of riding, the new Iron 883 model is the latest Harley-Davidson(R) Dark Custom(TM) motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycles like the Iron 883 have stood against the grain since their introduction in 1957, when the modern rebel culture was being bred from restless veterans and hot rod pioneers. Sportster motorcycles became the starting point for many legendary choppers of the 1960s, while also getting pumped up for championship dirt racing and dare devil stunt riding in the 1970s.

harley iron 833

The Iron 883 model continues that rebellious tradition with responsive handling, smooth clutch effort and durable carbon reinforced drive belt while pushing the styling of motorcycling minimalism to the edge. Decked in black from fender-to-fender, the new Harley-Davidson Iron 883 motorcycle brings the beat of an 883 Evolution(R) engine backed up by a combo of gritty, old-school garage features like front fork gaiters, drag style handlebar and side-mount license plate holder. A ticket to ride the Iron 883 starts at just $7,899 MSRP, leaving plenty of freedom for customization. Read more…