Akrapovic Introduces Titanium HH 2in1 for Walz Hardcore Motorcycles


After the initial agreement in December 2011 between Akrapovic and Walz Hardcore cycles, we’re thrilled to introduce to you the Titanium HH 2in1 custom exhaust designed for the German jewels.

With more than 9 hp boost on the testing dyno, the Akrapovic exhaust will also add serious extra torque, making the Hardcore bikes ride and sound better, and not only look better.


The Titanium HH 2in1 is a 3-piece system: titanium alloy header pipes, a titanium collector and a titanium muffler sporting a carbon end cap. The dB-reduction piece can be removed if needed. The Akrapovic exhaust system can be equipped with an internal catalytic converter and a lambda probe, with a dummy plug for older models lacking this type of sensor.

With a 2.3 kg (5 lbs) weight, the new custom exhaust is extremely light, making your bike even swifter. The e1/e24 homologation is not available, with EG-homologation in progress. Walz Harcore Cycles claims a single certificate of exemption could go for registering a bike equipped with this exhaust, but they can offer no guarantees.


The Akrapovic Titanium HH 2in1 exhaust system for Walz Hardcore bikes retails for € 2,980 ($3.985).

Akrapovic Morsus Custom Chopper

Introducing The Morsus. A one-off. A showcase. Designed to capture your imagination. No-one expects such a creature from Akrapovič the leading manufacturer of premium, performance exhausts systems for motorcycles and performance cars. But then Akrapovič isn’t like other exhaust companies.

We decided to build this machine with Dreamachine Motorcycles, in Slovenia to demonstrate that whilst Akrapovič is known for racing prowess, we have such a breadth and depth of in-house talent that entering the competitive world of custom bikes is a natural extension to what we do.

You can see the visual cues of the scorpion – long associated with Akrapovič. We have also managed to use materials that we excel at producing – titanium, stainless steel and of course carbon fiber.

The Morsus isn’t for sale but you can now put our innovative exhaust systems on your favourite Harley-Davidson models.