Guide to Custom Chopper Kits

It can get confusing when choosing parts that you want your custom chopper to be made of. However, companies like Phantom Cycle, Biker’s Choice, etc have started to sell those famous ‘Chopper-in-a-box’ kits which make life a lot more easier. Custom choppers are now much more affordable.

You need to be aware of the kind of chopper you would like to build. Then you should go ahead and set a reasonable budget for the parts, and any labor costs as well as unexpected expenses. In many cases, the price of the parts is what keeps most of the chopper enthusiasts away from getting a custom chopper of their own. However, if you have clear specifications in your mind, you’ll end up with fairly inexpensive parts and a stunning finish.

Always try to use the authentic parts available within your budget. At times, even though you have an awesome finish in mind, you can end up with a relatively poor finish just because the suppliers did not pay much attention to the details.

Most of the ‘chopper-in-a-box’ kits usually consist of a chassis, engine, tires, exhaust pipes, metal parts, and steel tanks. They also often include a seat, headlamp, etc. Obviously, any other extras would depend on the brand of the kit you chose. Paint is vital to finish the custom job, as well as battery acid. Mirrors and other accessories are typically not provided in the kits because most people would prefer to buy their own designs.

Experts often recommend that you purchase your kit as well as the accessories from just one single manufacturer. This may, in some cases, require you to wait. It sure is not easy to wait, specially when you’re so close to doing what you’ve always wanted to do. But you’ll be definitely glad that you waited when the job’s finished.

Build Your Own Chopper if You Want One

One of the growing industry is chopper kits. Every single day, pictures of choppers that have been finally finished are coming up in many motorcycle magazines. In short, there are more choppers these days than there were a few years ago.

Most of the choppers that you see are built from chopper kits; the ‘chopper in a box’ idea. Don’t worry though. It’s a whole lot more easier to build your own custom chopper than it has ever been. There are complete bike kits, chassis kits, etc. There’s a wide variety of stuff available when it comes to purchasing a chopper kit.

A few years back, you had to buy a bike and literally chop it off into pieces. However, chopper kits today have changed it. No more chopping off your brand new bike just to make it fancy.

If you calculate the cost of buying a brand new bike and chopping it off to pieces, the cost of starting right from the basics works out to be much more cheaper. Instead of simply discarding parts that you will not need, why not buy only those that you need in the first place. Chopper kits typically include all the needed parts along with complete instructions.

Quite a few people are concerned about the fact that if they buy a chopper kit, they’ll have exactly the same chopper as the ‘guy-next-door’. A chopper kit, is basically, nothing more than raw metal. There’s absolutely no finish, no paint, etc. It’s just a canvas waiting to be finished. I am sure your preference in paint jobs is quite different from that of the ‘guy-next-door’. The same goes for seating, exhaust, etc. Buying the kit does not mean you have to ride it the way you got it. That’s the point of a custom chopper.

Yet another question is ‘How long’?. Well… as long as it may take. Sure thing, kits are supposed to be easy as hell but that does not mean you will not run into problems at some point. There’s no avoiding it. If you want to build a custom chopper, you got to live the experience.

Practically, experience cannot be substituted at all. If you want to gain experience with the mechanical site of the chopper kit, the best place would be with your current bike. You should be able to do all the basic maintenance. Once you’re through with that, try some basic dis-assembling. Remove the tires, the exhaust, etc. All of this helps to instil confidence in you. Watching a few videos is also recommended, since there’s nothing better than looking at real life examples and learning from other people.

If you’re still not into the mechanical side, you can always get it done by someone else. Ask a friend to help you out, or get the whole chopper built by someone. Sure thing it may cost a little more, but not as much as chopping a new bike.