Harley Davidson Fat Attack

Fat Attack AG, the Swiss-based custom bike maker, has managed to do the impossible: turn a Harley Davidson into a breathtaking sports bike which they dubbed as The One. The result is a lighter, faster and stronger bike that’s still as good looking as Harleys, street legal, and could be also serviced at any Harley Davidson Dealer.

The Fat Attack AG Harley Davidson “The ONE” has a body made of titanium, aluminum, carbon fiber and aircraft steel, materials that offer greater stability at high speeds and are also probably the strongest materials for a bike. Thanks to these materials, the bike’s weight was reduced by 60kg which leads to an incredible power to weight ratio.

The bike is still powered by a Harley Davidson engine which is able to produce 110 HP but thanks to the stripped weight it will be a lot faster than the standard Harley. The price for this beauty? “The One” is priced at $145,000 but if you’re looking for a bike with perfect balance between beauty and performances, this might actually be the one.

Daytona Twin Tec Twin-Tuner2 For Harley Davidson

Harley® owners looking for improved motorcycle performance can easily add horsepower and improve throttle response with a simple and low cost modification. The Daytona Twin Tec Twin-Tuner2 Fuel Injection and Ignition Controller allows you to easily adjust your fuel injection to match the requirements of your performance parts including camshafts, free flowing exhausts, and low restriction air filters. It has all the features of the original Twin Tuner and includes ignition timing control capability. The simple plug-in installation and set up takes only minutes and requires no splicing or bulky interconnections. The unit is completely encapsulated and impervious to moisture. With a low 1/2″ profile, occupying only a fraction of the space required by competitive products, you won’t have a problem finding a place to mount the unit.

The user interface consists of up/down pushbuttons and bright daylight readable LED display to select and change the fuel trim and spark retard in the RPM and throttle position ranges required by most applications. The Twin-Tuner2 also has an advanced mode, where you can use the optional USB Interface and PC Link Tuner software to make precise fuel and spark retard adjustments as well as making independent adjustments to the front and rear cylinders. If you have created Dynojet Power Commander Files for your applications, you can enter the same values into our tables because the PC Link Tuner software uses the same RPM rows and throttle position columns.

The Twin-Tuner2 works in combination with the Twin Scan II+ tuning aid, giving you precise tuning without the need for a dyno. Simply install the Twin Scan II+ and ride the bike. You can then download the air/fuel ratio corrections calculated by the Twin Scan II+ into the PC Link Tuner software.

*The Twin-Tuner2 is not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

The product focus of Daytona Twin Tec LLC is electronic fuel injection and ignition systems for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. For more information on Daytona Twin Tec, call 1-386-304-0700, or visit www.daytona-twintec.com.

Buying Chopper Parts Online

Buying your Harley Davidson or custom chopper’s parts online can be much more efficient and easier than it is when buying them offline. You can get detailed description, pictures, etc and you do not have to deal with a sales representative trying to convince you into buying stuff you do not need. Besides, you can always save enough time to take an extra ride on your chopper.

The first thing that you got to do is to locate sources for the parts that you plan on buying. You can either buy all your parts from one source, or compare prices over different sources and decide on what works best for you. A search engine like Google or Yahoo should be your starting point.

Generally, instead of jumping to a decision, comparing prices over different e-stores is recommended. Some of these e-stores often have different deals and promos while others offer free shipping.

While shopping online, make sure you verify that the e-store is legit and secure. Try to verify their contact information against the Yellow Pages. Calling up their phone number, if they provide one, is also a good idea. Besides this, you can always lookup on the internet and search for reviews of that specific e-store, etc. All in all, stay alert. The nature of the product will not prevent online fraud.

Online discussion forums and communities are a good idea too. Try to join those and then ask questions related to the parts you want to buy. You may also want to ask about reliable e-stores that sell parts for the chopper that you own. You can be sure to get some good responses as well as user feedback since these type of forums are usually full of chopper enthusiasts, just like you.

Online and offline magazines are also a good place to look at. They often have web addresses of authentic e-stores that sell parts you may want. Online auctions such as Ebay and the likes are also a good place to check out. They usually have parts at a lower price. But once again, before you bid, verify the seller’s contact info and be sure to check out on his ratings and past performance.

The tips outlined above can greatly assist you with your first purchase online. Once you’ve gone through everything and get your first part online, you’ll be amazed at the fact that it is a whole lot easier to buy your parts online than it is doing so offline. Always take pre-cautions and know who you’re dealing with online to avoid being scammed.