Siemens Unveils the First Custom ‘Green’ Electric Chopper

Siemens announced today that it has teamed up with renowned custom motorcycle manufacturer Orange County Choppers to build the first custom electric motorcycle. The “Siemens Smart Chopper,” which will be featured on the hit TV show American Chopper, was unveiled today in an event at the Time Warner Center.

“We wanted to build this unique chopper to raise environmental awareness and reflect what the 69,000 employees of Siemens USA are doing to help America stay on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s green economy,” said Daryl Dulaney, President & CEO of Siemens Building Technologies. “Siemens is already very much a part of the fabric of America, and our portfolio is one of the greenest in the business. Green is not marketing hype for us; it is in our DNA.”

“If energy or energy efficiency is involved–Siemens is involved,” said Randy Zwirn, CEO of Siemens Energy, Inc. “Our technologies are helping to more efficiently and cleanly produce, deliver, consume and conserve energy. And these technologies are here today. This bike represents the spirit of innovation and passion we have for seeking sustainable solutions for our planet.”

Orange County Choppers, a leading manufacturer of custom motorcycles, built the Siemens Smart Chopper over the course of a month. Siemens also developed a compatible Smart Grid-ready charger which communicates with the utility to enable charging when the electricity is most affordable.

The motorcycle features and design include:

* First electric chopper by Orange County Choppers
* Recycled materials
* Advanced DC Motors Inc. Series Wound 8″ motor
* LED lighting by OSRAM SYLVANIA, a Siemens company
* 27 Peak horsepower and maximum speed of 100 MPH
* Range of 60 miles on a single charge
* On-board charger that can be plugged into any 110-volt outlet

“Building an electric bike from recycled materials was something new for us, but we definitely enjoyed the challenge and think that the end product makes a great addition to our wide range of unique motorcycles,” said Paul Teutul, Sr., founder of Orange County Choppers, based in Newburgh, N.Y. “While electric bikes probably won’t surpass traditional ones for the foreseeable future, we also think that energy efficient technologies are increasingly important for both manufacturers and consumers.”

Teutul is the driving force behind the family-owned business that grew from a hobby into a 70-person-plus operation that produces and sells 150 custom bikes a year to a broad public ranging from private individuals and celebrities to professional sports teams and Fortune 500 companies. Teutul’s custom bike shop is featured on American Chopper, a reality-style TV show, since 2002.

The American Chopper episode featuring the Siemens Smart Chopper is scheduled to air on TLC on Thursday, October 22 at 9PM ET/PT.

Siemens plans to showcase the Smart Chopper at energy and industrial tradeshows and conferences in the coming months. In 2010, the motorcycle will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to a charitable cause that will help benefit the environment.

Patriot Bike – OCC

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Army National ‘Patriot’ Guard Bike
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Lincoln Mark LT Chopper

Lincoln and the Orange County Choppers (OCC) team unveiled a unique Mark LT Chopper today at the 2005 North American International Auto Show. The build of the one-of-a-kind chopper inspired by Lincoln’s all-new luxury pickup truck will be featured on upcoming episodes of Discovery Channel’s hit series “American Chopper”.

Lincoln had the bike created to show customers what the Mark LT might look like on two wheels and to highlight the key luxury features of the truck. The OCC team handcrafted the chopper in their shop in Montgomery, New York over a three-week period in December 2004.

lincoln chopper

“Excitement had been building at Lincoln from day one just thinking about what OCC would design,” said John Fitzpatrick, General Marketing Manager, Lincoln Mercury. “I was amazed to see their interpretation of Lincoln luxury and the all-new Mark LT. The bike really turned out great.”

Mark LT Chopper
“When designing the bike I wanted to give it a substantial stance to match the truck. So I went with a wide tank and lowered it by inverting the front end,” said Paul Teutul, Jr., Orange County Choppers, Inc. “I really liked the grille and chrome accents so you can see how we carried that theme throughout the bike. The paint color with the chrome really worked great together.”

The chopper stretches over nine feet and sits on a 21×3.5 front tire and an 18×10.5 rear tire to give it a beefy truck-like stance. Lincoln’s trademark waterfall grille inspired the design of the gas tank, handlebars, air cleaner housing and oil tank. The dark toreador red metallic paint, the light parchment leather seat, chrome accents and Lincoln badges came directly from the Mark LT.

The bike also has a set of custom chrome rims that feature a patented “friction drive” system that tumbles three embedded Lincoln star logos in each wheel as they turn. Raised and etched Mark LT lettering adorn the belt drive and housing cover. The exhaust’s sweeping design ends in a custom flare that copies the seat’s unique shape.

The chopper’s power comes from a 2150cc motor that produces 131-horsepower and 141 ft. lbs. of torque. The motor connects to a 6-speed manual transmission and belt drive system for a smooth and powerful ride.

“We were excited when we partnered with Lincoln on this project bike,” said Teutul., “We visited Ford’s Dearborn design studio to see the creative development process that went into the Mark LT. The trip inspired me and allowed me to capture the true essence of the truck in this bike. I can honestly say that this is probably the classiest looking bike we’ve built at OCC.”

Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper” Lincoln Bike episodes will take viewers behind the scenes of the design, development and build of the Mark LT chopper. Viewers will watch the creative genius of the OCC team in action as they worked to get the chopper ready for its international debut.

Paul Teutul, Jr., a.k.a. Junior or Paulie, lead the creative development for the bike. With sheet metal in his blood from the age of 12, he spent his summers at his father’s steel business learning all the skills of fabrication that he would later use building motorcycles. In 1999, Paul Sr. recognized his son’s design and fabrication talent, and with his blessing, Junior left the rail shop to help establish Orange County Choppers as a business.

That year, the father-and-son team debuted their bikes at Daytona Biketoberfest with overwhelming support from bike lovers, and they never looked back. With Paul the chief designer and fabricator, and Paul Sr. lending his considerable business talents OCC has been unstoppable. The hit show “America Chopper” allows viewers to see this real-life dynamic duo in action on the Discovery Channel.

Mark LT – Taking Luxury To A Whole New Place
The Lincoln Mark LT is a key part of Lincoln’s plan to broaden the showroom and build momentum and growth. On sale in early 2005, the new Mark LT is one of five new Lincolns that will be introduced over four years.

The Lincoln Mark LT is designed for customers who want equal amounts of luxury and capability. It has indisputable truck credentials with outstanding payload and towing capacity and adds an additional level of style and sophistication beyond high-end pickup trucks on the road today. The Mark LT offers four full doors, front captain’s chairs and a full rear seat, all providing ample comfort for five adults.

Mark LT’s exterior features a theme of chrome accents, asserting the vehicle’s status and enhancing its appearance. Its dominant signature waterfall grille, wide taillamps and thick-spoked wheels give it an unmistakable family resemblance to today’s Lincoln line-up. The Lincoln Mark LT uses contemporary finishes and warm colors that result in an environment that is both inviting and stimulating. The Mark LT delivers, with a standard 5.4-liter, 3-valve Triton™ V-8 engine that produces 300 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and 365 foot-pounds of torque at 3,750 rpm.

“Being a designer, I understand the commitment and passion that is needed to take an idea and transform it into a reality,” said Patrick Schiavone, design director, Ford North America Truck and Mark LT chief designer. “I am a fan of, Paul Teutul, Jr. and” American Chopper” the OCC team. I can appreciate the attention to detail they put in every aspect of the Mark LT bike.”