The Yamaha Raider: A Review

If you cannot afford a $25k+ price tag on a custom chopper, but always wanted to have one, then the Yamaha Raider chopper is exactly what you need.Back in the old times a Chopper was, as the name implies, pieces of motorcycle that were put together to form a lightweight running machine. The Yamaha Raider may not entirely match up with everyone’s idea of a chopper, but it has all the styling options that a chopper has coupled with the comfort of cruisers.

Once you’ve decided that you want the Yamaha Raider, it’s about time to explore the range of the chopper. The Yamaha Raider displaces 1854cc and is cooled by Air and Oil. A twin-bore electric fuel injection handles the carburetion on the Yamaha Raider and the compression is 9.48:1. A belt final drives it, and there’s a five speed multiplate clutch. On the Yamaha Raider, max torque goes at 2,500rpm and there’s a 4,500rpm top on the power band.

An all aluminum cast frame is implemented on the Yamaha Raider to provide a light and rigid platform for the basic build. The highest point of the chopper is 45 inches and the seat height sits at 27 inches. The fact that the Raider weighs only 690 pounds when dry is probably the best part, considering that it displaces about 2 liters. The chopper image of the Raider is invoked by a 210-series tire at the back. The front end features a 120/70-21 bias tire. The Yamaha Raider also features a drive belt embedded with carbon fibre, routed wiring on the handlebar and a perfect finish.

For many average buyers, custom choppers are largely out of their price range. While others cannot do the customizing themselves, and so, are left out the chopper game. The Raider answers the problem for them with a custom look and a lot more comfortable ride. Most choppers are built for companies and rich people, but the Yamaha Raider is built for everyone to ride and enjoy.

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